December 2000 Monthly Report 89


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Nancy Hall

RE: Monograph Acquisitions Monthly report December 2000

DATE: Jan. 9, 2001

1. Marsha Hall: During December, Marsha worked primarily on processing gifts. A total of 242 items were searched in A-G Canada for cataloguing copy. 182 gifts were added to Scott, 19 to Frost and 41 to Steacie. Rita Carcasole of Bibliographic Services continues to process drops from A-G Canada.

2. Copy Cataloguing. Staff continue to improve in their copy cataloguing, with a tot al of 579 items being catalogued this month. Revision still continues and the order/processing side of operations is moving more quickly again as we have suspended searching for catalogue copy prior to ordering until encumbrances reach appropriate levels.

3. We welcomed Savka Marijan to our department beginning on December 4, 2000. Savka has filled our four day per week position vacated by Sandy Leung. Savka has begun by learning the ordering side of operations and is progressing nicely.

4. Workflow . We have all felt the effects of the CUPE strike. The arrival of materials has been disrupted somewhat by having items picked up at the warehouse only twice per week. The approvals have seen the most noticeable difference with shipments being all off sche dule and arriving on any given day. Some weeks we have no shipment, other weeks we have two. Subject specialists will have to bear with us as we work our way through.

5. U.S. Embassy grant. The Libraries have received a grant from the U.S. Embassy i n the amount of $9250.00 Canadian for the acquisition of documents on 20 th century Afro-American history and 19 th century social and political history. Several sets of political papers as well as several Afro-American journals have been ordered through LC and CIS. The money has all been encumbered and we are awaiting their arrival. A report has been sent to the U. S. Embassy detailing our orders and full financial accounting will follow in the New Year.