January 2001 Monthly Report 88


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Nancy Hall

RE: Monograph Acquisitions Monthly report January 2001

DATE: Feb.1, 2001

1. Marsha Hall: During January, Marsha worked primarily on processing gifts. A total of 191 items were searched in A-G Canada for cataloguing copy. 152 gifts were added to Scott, 20 to Frost and 18 to Steacie and 1 to Gov. Docs. Marsha dropped a total of 224 records from A-G and processed 49 added copies. Rita Carcasole of Bibliographic Services continues to process drops from A-G Canada.

2. Copy Cataloguing. Staff continue to improve in their copy cataloguing, with a total of 736 items being catalogued this month. There were an exceptional number of added copies for Frost this month. Revision still continues and the order/processing side of operations is moving more quickly again as we have suspended searching for catalogue copy prior to ordering until encumbrances reach appropriate levels.

3. Training. Training for Savka continues. She has learned how to process invoices and is now tackling the approval process and is progressing nicely.

4. Workflow. Things seem to be returning to normal. Shipments are more regular again and we had a bumper month for approvals in January. Added to this we processed about 4 trucks of books from shopping trips that Julie Drexler and Anne McGaughey did during December about $10,000. worth.

5. U.S. Embassy grant. The majority of the materials ordered from the grant have arrived and been processed in time for Black History month. Brent has informed the History Dept. of their arrival and had favourable feed back. Final accounting to the Embassy will be completed shortly.

6. Vendors. Douglas Lynch from Ebsco Canada visited to discuss their Web-based book purchasing system, similar to Amazon.com and Chapters.com.