March 2001 Monthly Report 87


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Nancy Hall

RE: Monograph Acquisitions Monthly report March 2001

DATE: Apr.3, 2001

1. Marsha Hall: During March, Marsha processed 5 added copies, 15 items from Steacies weeding, 118 Scott GV weeded items as well as working on provisional records for government documents and vendor reports. Using keyboard express, macros are set up and Marsha is working on correcting subject headings for Bibliographic Services. She has so far corrected 157 headings.

2. Copy Cataloguing. Staff continue to ask questions of their individual mentors as necessary. Along with cataloguing YBP books, copy cataloguers are also cataloguing a number of LC copy items from the cataloguing backlog. Monograph Acquisitions staff catalogued a total of 2141 items this month.

3. Ordering. Ordering is down this month because the budget has been encumbered. Receiving is up to date but orders are only trickling in despite the large numbers outstanding. Unfortunately, we have no control over that. On the up-side, this has allowed mongraph acquisitions staff to do more cataloguing.

4. Meetings. Nancy Hall met with Penny Wilson, A/P Manager, Lynne MacInnes, Comptroller, and Susan Callum to discuss the implications of an interface with FHRS. This would enable us to cut out a lot of duplicate entry that we now do. Nancy Hall also met with Dale, Heather and Karen to discuss alternate methods of processing materials.