April 2001 Monthly Report 14


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Nancy Hall

RE: Monograph Acquisitions Monthly report April 2001

DATE: May 2, 2001

1. Marsha Hall: During April, Marsha completed another global subject change correcting 428 bibliographic records. Using a public service workstation, Marsha checked and completed a list of 49 URLs for Heather. She also withdrew 314 Steacie books from Storage.

2. Copy Cataloguing. Staff continue to ask questions of their individual mentors as necessary. Along with cataloguing YBP books, copy cataloguers are also cataloguing a number of LC copy items from the cataloguing backlog. Monograph Acquisitions staff catalogued a total of 1448 items this month. (2 staff members were on vacation for 2weeks this month)

3. Ordering. Ordering is down this month because the budget has been encumbered. Receiving is up to date but orders are only trickling in despite the large numbers outstanding. Unfortunately, we have no control over that. On the up-side, this has allowed mongraph acquisitions staff to do more cataloguing. Overall ordering for the year is down. I believe this in part to be due to the large numbers of items being ordered by fax, visa and through GOBI. We have not been keeping statistics for these orders but will begin in the new fiscal. It is also partly due to the larger expenditures for electronic items.

Fiscal rollover. Fiscal rollover went smoothly again. Karen ran the reports this year. The new purge order report gives us a list of prepaid items so that we may unencumber the funds in the new fiscal. This is one improvement, since these items have been difficult to identify in the past. Year end was on target, overexpending by the amount requested.