August 2002 Monthly Report 62


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Nancy Hall

RE: Monograph Acquisitions Monthly report August 2002

DATE: Sept. 6, 2002

  1. Students: During August, Saraya and Arlin did a variety of weeding and transfer projects. 234 items were weeded from Steacie, 1079 weeded from Frost, 19 weeded from Reference and 51 from Government Documents. 1232 items were transferred at Scott, 285 items at Steacie, 419 items at Frost and 42 items at Government Documents. Brent Merriman assisted Arlin and Saraya in dropping records from AG-Canada and Rita Carcasole began dropping records from OCLC. There were 610 items dropped from YL, 2803 items dropped from AG-Canada and 57 items dropped from OCLC. As well Saraya worked on the missing and lost lists from Circulation removing the items from YL. Missing items were 239 for Scott, 22 for Steacie and 78 for Frost. Lost items were 539 for Scott, 33 for Steacie and 35 for Frost.
  1. Copy Cataloguing. Monograph Acquisitions staff catalogued a total of 2768 items this month .This figure includes the shelf ready from YBP. We have been busy trying to cope with staff holidays and cover all the work.
  1. Shelf ready. Shelf ready continues to roll in and out in a timely fashion. . Doug Fenwick has resolved the problem of loading records for the Special Collections file.There has been a problem with items missing from 2 shipments of shelf ready. It appears this problem was due to a new shipping system at YBP. They will be replacing these missing items on a no charge basis.
  1. Some members of staff attended the Health and Safety training offered as a result of the Work Well Audit. Others will attend as scheduled later in the fall.