May 2002 Monthly Report


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Nancy Hall

RE: Monograph Acquisitions Monthly report May 2002

DATE: June 5, 2002

1. Saraya Elwin. During May, Saraya weeded 75 government documents duplicates from Yorkline as well as 96 Scott T books. There are several boxes of materials from CIIA to be processed. We have a backlog of last copy science weeding done by Brian Wilks as well as weeding from Frost and Steacie inventory. From the reference project, 1567 items were transferred to the stacks with 617 T, 94 Q and 5 S going to storage.

2. Copy Cataloguing. Monograph Acquisitions staff catalogued a total of 1972 items this month.

3. Peggy Warren and I met with Kathryn Paoletti from Casalini Libri to set up an Italian approval plan for literature and linguistics. A profile was worked out and Casalini will be supplying 2 years of retrospective material as well as ongoing approval books. This will begin to arrive around July.