January 2004 Monthly Report 81


TO: Tom Scott

FROM: Nancy Hall

RE: Monograph Acquisitions Monthly report January 2004

DATE: Feb. 3, 2004

  1. Student: This month wed like to welcome Odetta Alexander who along with Mary Anne Obwaka will provide student support until the end of April. During January our students worked on the following projects. Weeding from Bronfman 158 items; Steacie weeding 5 items; Scott weeding 7 items; Frost weeding 42 items; Frost weeding to Storage 18 items; Scott weeding to Storage 16 items. A project to update storage records was begun. A total of 1144 items were transferred from Frost Storage to HNES storage and 721 Scott storage transferred to HNES storage.
  1. Output. Due to the amount of money remaining in the budget, staff concentrated on getting out orders. We only catalogued RUSH items, added copies and of course the YBP shelf ready.This resulted in a total of 2463 items catalogued. As well staff processed a total of 3397 items and placed 4114 orders. Thanks everyone for a job well done . We will continue to push orders and only catalogue RUSH items again in Fenruary.
  1. Staffing. Amy Chan who has been on extended vacation leave, notified us that she will be taking early retirement effective March 1, 2004 and will not be returning to work. A decision on this position is pending.
  1. Vendors. Kathryn Paoletti from Casalini Books visited to demonstrate enhancements to their data base and discuss other services they offer.
  1. Bob Thompson and I met with staff from Finance to go over their requirements for an interface between SIRSI and FHRS. It looks possible to have an interface operational by the summer.