March 2004 Monthly Report 85


TO: Tom Scott

FROM: Nancy Hall

RE: Monograph Acquisitions Monthly report March 2004

DATE: April 19, 2004

  1. Students: This month our students worked on the following projects. Transferred from Scott storage to HNES storage 846; Frost storage to HNES storage 755; Steacie storage to HNES storage 5; Frost to HNES-STOR – 244 and a total of 184 items were weeded from Frost.
  2. Output. Due to the amount of money remaining in the budget, staff concentrated on getting out orders and receiving incoming orders.. We only catalogued RUSH items, added copies and of course the YBP shelf ready. This resulted in a total of 2801 items catalogued. As well staff processed a total of 3459 items and placed 2021 orders. Thanks everyone for a job well done . We will continue to push expenditures in the month of April. Some cataloguing will resume as time permits.
  3. Staff activities. During the month Linda Gamble attended a session Streetproofing workshop for women. Donna Munshaw-Sepper and Michele Francis attended a two-day session on Living Well Amidst the Chaos.
  4. Nancy Hall gave an orientation and discussion of Acquistions with Alice Choi, a Seneca student doing a practicum with Kathy Elder.
  5. Vendors. Nancy Hall, Tom Scott and Catherine Davidson met with Clare Appavoo of Coutts to discuss issues of mutual concern. Future meetings and training were discussed.