June 2004 Monthly Report


TO:            Tom Scott 

FROM:      Nancy Hall 

RE:             Monograph Acquisitions ¿ Monthly report
June 2004

DATE:       July 13, 2004 

  1. Students:
    Our students for this summer are O. Alexander, T. Komher, M. Obwaka
    and W. Fok. This mont
    our students worked on the following projects. Transferred from Scott
    storage to HNES storage(clean-up project) ¿ 4512; from Scott to Steacie
    (Nursing)- 731; from Scott to Bronfman – 611 and a total of  888
    items were weeded from Frost . A project was do
    to clean-up item types on storage records for a total of 11,600.
  2. Output.
    With the new fiscal all workflow is back to normal. This resulted in
    a total of 1318 items catalogued. As well staff processed a total of
    2417 items and placed 1471 orders.
  3. Staff activities. Staff completed work on
    their course in LC classification through Mohawk College Distance Learning.
    Feedback has been positive about this exercise and I would recommend
    the chance be offered to those who did not participate in this round.
    bilities may exist
    for other courses in this vein in the future. Michele Francis was seconded
    for 1 week to HR to work on job evaluation.
  4. HNES
    ¿ We continue to be plagued with issues in HNES such as water shut-offs,
    power cuts and network problems and prin
    This has necessitated shuffling of schedules and scrambling for work
    for the students on occasion, with them being sent home early one day.
    The printing issue seems to be resolved with better printers being installed
    there. Hopefully the power outage

    and network problems will be resolved to result in more reliable service.
  5. Peoplesoft.
    With the new version of  Peoplesoft, Linda Gamble and myself are
    the only two authenticated users in our department. We are endeavouring
    to keep up with US and CDN invoi
    as work continues on the interface. Hopefully testing can begin sometime
    in July.