May 2004 Monthly Report 50


TO: Tom Scott

FROM: Nancy Hall

RE: Monograph Acquisitions Monthly report May 2004

DATE: June 16, 2004

  1. Students: Our students for this summer are O. Alexander, T. Komher, M. Obwaka and W. Fok. This month our students worked on the following projects. Transferred from Scott storage to HNES storage 2727; Frost storage to HNES storage 470; Steacie storage to HNES storage 239; Frost to HNES-STOR 536; Scott to HNES storage 624; from Scott to Bronfman 1099; from Scott to Steacie (Nursing)- 841 and a total of 2331 items were weeded from Frost and 861 items from H in Scott, and 290 from PS storage. Also an initial investigation of the open order report was done.
  2. Output. Due to the new version of Peoplesoft , we were unable to input invoices for a number of weeks. This resulted in a small backlog og inputting into FHRS and hence more vendor inquiries than usual about payments.With the beginning of the new fiscal all workflow is back to normal. This resulted in a total of 1333 items catalogued. As well staff processed a total of 2992 items and placed 1411 orders.
  3. Staff activities. Staff continued work on their course in LC classification through Mohawk College Distance Learning. Everything seems to be progressing nicely.