Collected Editions

Collected Editions

Historical sets, collected editions, and monuments of music are sets of scores usually comprised of the collected works of a single composer, or music of a particular historical period. These volumes are generally for scholarly study and research and not performance. They tend to be hard-bound, big and heavy. These works fall in the M2 and M3 LC range.

Examples include:

Recent Researches

Musica Britannica

Johann Sebastian Bach


Local Procedures

  • Catalogued as multi-volume sets. Many of these items were previously catalogued as monographic sets, but they will now all be catalogued seperatly as a monographic series to improve access to individual titles. Records will be linked through the uniform title.
  • Call numbers remain the same as would be assigned to titles in the monographic set
  • All items should be placed on the score back-log shelf in Bibliographic Services.

Please direct any questions to Stacy Allison-Cassin.