Enhanced Discs

Enhanced discs

Enhanced discs are compact discs which have additional content stored as media files on the discs. This content can usually only be accessed through a computer and generally includes files such as graphics and pdfs. There may be language on the disc container referencing this content, or the content may be “hidden” and only visible when the disc is played through a computer. There are several official logos associated with enhanced content, but this content rarely appears under the logos. Check the wikipedia article on Enhanced discs for images of the logos.

Check for language identifying enhanced content such as “This disc contains audio and pdf text files which can be accessed through a computer”.

Local Procedures

The following practices apply if the principal content is sound.

The following fields are required:

006 Additional material characteristics

007 Physical description characteristics

007 Physical description characteristics

500 Note regarding specific enhanced content. This can be a quoted note. E.g. Enhanced content includes pdfs of program notes, Enhanced content contains images of the band, Enhanced portion of the disc includes video files of a drumming circle.

500 Enhanced compact disc [material note]

538 Only add if specific information is present regarding system requirements.

006 m**** ****u* ******
007 sd*fungnn|m|ed
007 co*cg||||||||u
500 “CD-R special edition. This disc contains audio and pdf text files which can be accessed in any computer.”–Container
500 Enhanced compact disc.
System requirements: “Put this CD in your computer for access to Kanye West and Roc-A-Fella Records weblinks.”–Insert.


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