Non-Standard Formats

Non-Standard Formats*


New Sound Recording Formats (pdf) LC local guidelines are for: Dual Discs, Mini CDs, Mini Discs, SACD, Shaped Discs, D/DVD Combos, Dual Discs, DVD Audio, CD-ROMs, Midi Files, MP3 Files

Cataloging Unusual Sound Recordings (pdf) is a great presentation put together by Robert Freeborn of Penn State University

Local Procedures

Dual Discs: Dual discs, also know as hybrid discs, are discs where one side of the disc is one media format, such as sound, and the other is another media format such as video. The disc must be set to the appropriate side to access the material.

Enhanced discs: These are discs where there is enhanced content, such as media files, pdfs, and graphics that can be access through a computer.

*aka: enhanced discs, dual discs/hybrid discs, new formats, unusual formats