Performer Note

Participant/Performer Note, MARC Field 511

MARC 21 Manual 

OCLC Input Standards

This area is used to record information regarding performers or participants and is used when cataloguing sound recordings. It is a form of, and related to, statements of responsibility but deals specifically with performers of various kinds. MARC field 511 and related added entries are important access points.

 511 0
Performer name, medium of performance ; Performer name, medium of performance ; etc.


  • Leave 511 notes as they are unless there are errors in formatting or transcription
  • Add a Performer note if missing or a Conent note (MARC field 505) if the item contains multiple works by multiple performers.
  • Trace names deemed important for the York collection. Examples include well known performers in jazz ensembles.
  • Add medium of performance if stated on the item.


  • A performer note is always added
  • Always trace names unless there are more than 15 performers listed


Example 1. All performers named Link to catalogue record


Example 2. Ensemble or band with individual performers named Link to catalogue record


Example 3. Principal performer only named, reference to assisting musicians Link to catalogue record


Example 4. Individual performers named on specific works Link to catalogue record



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