Score orders

Working with Score Orders

Do not search score order requests.

Do not  bring in copy for scores.

When working with the order carefully consider whether multiple records should be created for multi-volume works or whether a score should be added to an exisiting record. If you have any questions on this particular issues please speak to one of the music cataloguing librarians.

Creating an Order Record

To use the score order record template click on the “Duplicate title” wizard and search for Score order template or by title control # a2399898.


Fill in the template to match the item you are ordering. Use your computer cut-and-paste function when possible if working with a vendor website.


For example if ordering the Britten opera score for Death in Venice highlight each section of text for each field, right click your mouse and choose “copy”. Paste the text into the template.


Replace the template text with the text for the order.


When finished click “save” and use the “duplicate title” function to add another order record. 


If an item does not have an ISBN as a standard number do not record another number as an ISBN. Use the 028 field and/or note field and delete the 020.

Scores often come in multiple formats such as piano reductions, full scores, or vocal editions. What might appear to be a duplicate may not be.