Special Collections Scores

When cataloguing scores for Special Collections different procedures are required.

Descriptive cataloguing

Descriptive cataloguing should be done as for regular scores, however anything particular to the item in-hand, such as physical condition (i.e. missing pages), or other special characteristics should be documented. Physical characteristics should be put in a 593 note and follow the following wording: SC-SPCOLL copy: [descriptive phrase]. Other notes can be put in a 500.

Some collections may require a 500 note regarding the collection and the fonds. For example: SC-SPCOLL copy: Part of the Varpu Lindström fonds (F0558). Item not available for interlibrary loan. Please speak to the archivist responsible for the collection to find out if such a note is required.

Be sure to delete any notes from copy that pertains to another library’s edition. These notes may reference physical characteristics or gift notes.

Call Numbers

Most scores in Archives and Special Collections (ASC) will

receive a non-LC text call number specific to the collection. Typically the call number will have a three letter code followed by accession-style numbering. The ordering of the collection will be decided after consultation of the archivist and the music cataloguer. The class scheme is “text”.


Item Record

The location is SC-SPCOLL.

The item does not circulate so ensure the box is un-checked.

Barcodes are usually placed on acid-free strips. These strips are in the same location as the location flyers. Barcodes should be placed in such a way as to leave enough space for the call number label and should also be trimmed if necessary so the flyer does not stick out overly much.

When you are ready to take the item to Binding or to ASC change the Type from “In-Process” to “Score”.


Physical Processing

Fragile items or items unable to stand on a shelf may require special binding. ASC staff can create boxes for these items. Please consult with Heather Pitka, Stacy Allison-Cassin or ASC for instructions regarding these items.

Items with hard bindings with loose pages or in pieces should be held together with archival string. Please see Heather Pitka, Stacy Allison-Cassin or ASC if you have questions about these items.

All ASC items going to Binding must have a pink location flyer.

Use your judgement as to whether items should be placed on the main Bib Services truck going to binding. If your items are fragile in any way, older, or require special handling, please do not place them on the truck, but take them to Binding separately.