Working with copy

Working with Copy for Music Sound Recordings

This section contains information on checking and modifying copy for music sound recordings to ensure it meets York Libraries local practice.

Please email any questions or comments to Stacy Allison-Cassin

You may wish to modify copy as you import it, or you may import it first and then make modifications.

Table of Contents

  1. Tags to check
  2. Tags to Delete
  3. Tags to Modify
  4. Tags to Add

    Tags to check

    • Record type should be "j" for sound recording
    • Standard fixed fields
    • Language field coding, fixed fields and variable fields
    • Date types, fixed fields and variable fields
    • Composition code in the fixed field
    • Record label number (028) and related information (260) match the item in hand.
    • Physical description fixed field (007)
    • Check all variable fields to ensure correct coding

    Tags to Delete

    • Delete tags as per all copy. See Cataloguing Memo
    • Delete notes mentioning a parental warning label (500)

    Tags to Modify

    • Change all System details notes(538) tags to general notes (500)

    Tags to Add

    • Complete content notes (505)
    • Add Performer or modify performer note (511)
    • Add or modify recording date note (518)
    • Other standard notes

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    Last updated on December 07, 2006