April 2002 Monthly Report 96


To: Dale Irwin

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report, April 2002

Date: May 1, 2002

1.Electronic resources. All of the URL's for the IEEE titles were corrected per instructions received from the publisher. I reviewed the Catchword site for new additions and registered for a couple of dozen titles. Our current count is 11,229.

2. Government Documents transfer. We have completed the review of cards received from BG for the Canadian federal, interprovincial and municipal. A total of 808 active titles were added. Work continues on merging the cards onto Kardex.

3. Gifts. We have completed the review of the books from Lorraine Monk and the ones we are keeping await assessment this fall. The main donations received this month were from Professor Armour (environmental studies) and Professor Jaubert (cinema).

4. Inactive serials. After some discussion in the Dept, we decided to start weeding Kardex cards for inactive serials for which complete holdings are reflected in Yorkline and for which there is no payment history for more than 7 years. This will free up a lot of space on Kardex and will allow us to eventually get rid of most of the floor model Kardex units, as well as some table units.

5. Nijhoff. Nijhoff has been purchased by Swets Blackwell and the transfer of subscriptions has been completed. Our list with Nijhoff was small. We have updated our records on Kardex, the Excel tables, and forwarded our funding information to Swets

6. Fiscal rollover. We completed another successful fiscal rollover.