February 2002 Monthly Report 72


To: Dale Irwin

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report, February 2002

Date: March 1, 2002

1.Electronic resources. I reviewed the ABI and Business Source Premier lists of fulltext titles against what was in the database. In addition to what was added to ABI in the fall, I added 23 more new titles and deleted 135 titles that no longer had fulltext. For BSP, I added 630 new titles and deleted 177. It was interesting to note that many of the titles that are new to BSP are published by Elsevier, Kluwer, Wiley, etc, publishers for which we are already paying for online access. Other publishers included Blackwell, Sage, Taylor and Francis etc., which we currently get free with print via Catchword and Ingenta.

2. JSTOR. I prepared a detailed spreadsheet of all the titles we get online with JSTOR, including the print and microtext locations, holdings, and call numbers.This table was passed on to John Thomson in order to plan for his summer project to withdraw the print from Scott and Frost.

3. Government Documents transfer. 8 floor model Kardex units were brought over to us from BG as we begin the transfer of having the remainder of the Government publications checked in centrally at Scott. Some weeding of inactive cards was done at BG before sending the units over, but more culling needs to be done. As the cards are not generally marked as active or inactive, it will be a matter of using our best judgement to determine which is which. We will need to update the entries on most of the cards to reflect the same main entries as in Yorkline, prior to filing these on the main Kardex. In preparation for this addition of hundreds of cards to Kardex, Serials staff have pulled off of Kardex all inactive serials cards that could be refiled in the morgue. We are anticipating needing to do a major shift of cards, though, to accommodate the many cards that will be filed under the heading Canada. At this point, it is difficult to project how long it will take to get this done. In addition to these activities, staff will need to send out change of address letters to the suppliers so that the mail will be sent to our correct address instead of being addressed to the BG library. We will also need to do a count of the active titles and add this to our monthly serials statistics. Appropriate discussions have taken place with Paul Harrison regarding mail delivery.

4. Gifts. This month we received 1435 books from the estate of Professor Cuff, with more yet to be picked up. We also received 665 books from Professor Ishwaran.

5. Open orders. We reviewed all of the outstanding open orders and staff sent out claims as required.

6. Construction. John Thomson met with our Dept to discuss the planned demolition in our old space, and to address concerns regarding the removal of debris through Binding. Everything occurred as scheduled with manageable disruptions.