July – August 2001 Monthly Report


To: Dale Irwin

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report, July-August 2001

Date: Sept 4, 2001

1.Electronic resources. With the transition of the eresources database from Access to Oracle, I did not have access for most of July, for adding new products. Oracle got installed on my workstation early in August. I worked very closely with Doug on the functionality of the database for adding new products, editing, and for acquisitions issues, and am very pleased with the results. Reports are not yet ready, subsequently, there are no new statistics to report yet (the attached serials statistics sheet shows the same figures for eresources as it did on the June report).Some new journals and databases have been added and as well a long list of holdings corrections to Elsevier titles was completed.PROMT and eShaman were both cancelled and replaced with Computer Database from Gale.All of the titles from Annual Reviews were also added. I continue in my ongoing quest to identify and add new free online titles included with print subscriptions.

2. Summer project The relabelling project has gone very well this summer.ý Jackie Cheng completed the relabelling of 20,919 books.

3. Book Stamp. We have discontinued using the red book plates and instead are stamping the books with a stamp designed by Susan Eastwood.Stamps have been sent to YBP for the Steacie shelf ready books, and to Lehmann Bookbindery.

4. Vendors. Swets Blackwell has announced the purchase of Martinus Nijhoff to take effect with the 2003 renewals. We have fewer than 2 dozen standing orders with Nijhoff.

I had a visit with Lorne Kenyon from Harrassowitz and with Graham Yates from Swets Blackwell.

5. Cancellations We cancelled print subscriptions for titles for which we have paid online access. This included Project Muse, ACM, IEEE and the CNSLP publishers: Academic Press, Institute of Physics, Royal Society of Chemistry, American Chemical Society and Springer Verlag. The savings realized from these cancellations is $95,787 for Scott, $4,504 for Frost and $258,955 for Steacie; grand total $359,314.

Steacie decided to weed the ACM and IEEE proceedings for which they have online access. As of the end of August, 344 serial volumes were withdrawn. There were 59 titles for which all of our print holdings were withdrawn. The bibliographic records were not withdrawn from Yorkline as usual; instead they will be upgraded to reflect our online access.

6. Staff. Karen Cassel attended ALA June 15-20. Karen Cassel attended PDF training