May 2001 Monthly Report 99


To: Dale Irwin

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report, May 2001

Date: May 31, 2001

1.Electronic resources . It is a challenge to keep up with the additions of new titles and publishers added to distributors such as Catchword and Ingenta. This month I added a number of additional Catchword titles: 9 Brill, 1 Oxfam, 41 Carfax, 3 Transaction, 14 Routledge, etc. After having added a large number of titles last month via Ingenta, I thought I was done with them for at least a little while. However, Sage was recently added to their list and we have a large number of Sage publications in print. Unfortunately the Ingenta website (the administrative parts only) has been down for over a week so I have been unable to add these and other titles waiting to be registered. In addition to Catchword and Ingenta, I reviewed the Highwire site again and found a couple of dozen new titles to be added. I updated the eresources database to reflect all of the publishers for which we have online access through Highwire. This was not straightforward as Highwire does not currently have a list of publishers on their website, and when asked, were unable to supply me with a list. Since you do not actually connect to the Highwire website to view the online journals (as you do with both Catchword and Ingenta), titles have been added to our database without our knowledge that they were supplied by Highwire. For example, all of the Annual Review of titles are supplied by Highwire. We hold combined print and online subscriptions to the Annual Review ofý titles, through a book vendor. ý The Oxford University Press titles are also sponsored by Highwire. Consequently I had to review the entire Highwire title list to identify what we have online, find the publisher names, and I then updated the database accordingly.

I conducted an Electronic Journals Workshop on May 30, in Orillia for the Central Ontario Health Libraries Association. This was a group of librarians with very little experience in dealing with electronic journals who needed step by step instructions for finding out what is available free online and how to register and set them up. We now have 8718 electronic journals in the database.

2. Cancellations and withdrawals. We cancelled 50 microtext subscriptions, mostly located in Scott, for which we have online access. Of these, 13 titles were also discarded. ý BG withdrew 38 inactive serial titles.

3. New fiscal/rollover activities. Following our successful fiscal year rollover, I ran reports to identify multipart orders with partial receipts and updated them in the new fiscal. I also ran a report of open orders and reviewed them for cancellation and claiming.

4. Staff. Rosy Go attended Word training. Karen Cassel attended the CPM symposium