November 2001 Monthly Report 73


To: Dale Irwin

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report , November 2001

Date: Dec. 3, 2001

1. Electronic resources .This month I added 451 new titles to Expanded Academic, and 36 new titles to JSTOR as well as other free and purchased titles. As of November 30th , we have 10,058 online journals.

2. Donations. We received a cheque for $250 from Great Books on Main Street for books from 013 that they purchased from us. Hugh Anson Cartwright came to evaluate the Yolton and Lockshin donations.

3. Swets Blackwell (UK). We received the 2002 renewal invoices, totalling $560,953.18 usd ($869,473.18 cdn). Because of our early prepayment ($750,000 usd) we achieved a credit of 2.05%, or $10,972.27 usd ($17,011.27 cdn). The amount prepaid was calculated based on last year's invoices and taking into account our CNSLP print cancellations. However, we have since cancelled Kluwer print, and Wiley renewals are on hold. There will be additional renewal invoices from SB as they continue to receive firm pricing from publishers.

4. Swets Blackwell (NJ). We received the 2002 renewal invoice totalling $102,059.91 usd ($158,192.86 cdn).

5. Staff training. Rosy Go and Samdai Mahadeo Bidhesi both attended Excel and Word training.

6. Serial order testing in Yorkline. I have done some preliminary testing in the Sirsi test database to create orders for serial subscriptions, to be used for posting renewal payments. I need to first determine if we will use dated or recurring orders and the implications of each of these order types for posting payments and then I need to determing how to do fiscal rollover correctly. One of the difficulties we will face is that there is no appropriate field in which to record what volumes/years are covered by the invoice payments. I will keep plugging away at this as time permits.