April 2001 Monthly Report


To: Dale Irwin

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Monthly report, April 2001

Date: April 27, 2001

1. Electronic resources. Major activity this month involved adding the Ingenta publishers and titles to the database.Ingenta recently merged with Catchword and developed a much improved website with many new publishers and titles.The following free with print online journals were added: Arnold, 7 John Benjamins, 6 White Horse, 2 Blackwell Publishers, 144 Munksgaard, 4 Imprint Academic, 1 Bowker, 3 BMJ Publishing, 4 Scandinavian University Press, 5 There are additional titles for Blackwell Publishers that we are entitled to receive but are not currently available. I have registered for them and hope they will be activated soon.One of these is World Englishes which Frost is very anxious to have. I attended the one day CNSLP debriefing session at Ryerson. We now have8587 electronic journals in the database.

2. Department meeting.I held a meeting with the Binding and Serials staff to alert them to upcoming changes including a reduction to the binding budget and cancellation of print serials for the CNSLP publishers.

3. Fiscal rollover. The annual activity regarding fiscal rollover, with a meeting of people involved and setting up of reports and schedules occurred as usual.

4. Cancellations.While completing the fund expenditure lists for the fiscal, I identified a number of infrequent serial publications for which we have not had receipts for over 5 years and for which there were no current plans to publish.ý These subscriptions were cancelled and the holdings closed in Yorkline.