Gifts to Select and Add December 2000

A. Collections housed in Rm 013
No. of
LOC Donor Items Date ready Librarian Comments
204A,B1,D Bazin 496 Sept. 25/92 MK
215D1-7 Brickman (Yiddish Collection) 315 Feb 11/99 DI to be cat- summer proj
255A1-4 Ukrainian films 62 1990 KE
256D1-4 Assorted books 177 1999 MK to select
275A,B Lefeber 283 Dec-99 TK to select
216-219 Toronto Dist School Board ? Jun-00 PW to select
277A-D Sports library 880 Feb-00 NK to select
Total: 2213
B. Brief listed books 2579
Grand total: 4792