December 2000 Monthly Report


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Karen Cassel Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

RE: Monthly Report, December 2000

DATE: January 3, 2001

1. Electronic journals. The JSTOR Ecology and Botany titles were added to the database. Holdings were created for all JSTOR titles. Cambridge University Press now has ip access to its online journals; 72 titles were added to the database.

2. Swets Blackwell UK renewals. The renewal invoices arrived; they total, in sterling, 354,799 excluding GST, which is $793,735 Cdn. This is the first set of invoices we have received from the new Swets Blackwell; the invoices are no longer converted for us, line by line as we have been in the past (ie although we paid in GBP, the Canadian equivalent always used to appear on the invoices for ease of doing Kardex payments). Consequently, an Excel table was created in order to automatically tabulate the conversion rates title by title. In a recent conversation with Graham Yates regarding billings from the UK office, it is apparent that we should move to having Swets Blackwell bill us in US dollars as the majority of the publishers now bill them in US dollars.

3. Swets Blackwell – formerly Swets. We received the first of our firm invoices; $208,730.89 cdn. We achieved a credit of $8269.00 for our early prepayment.

4. Gifts. We have packed up 5 ranges of books to ship to Zubal. We sent 1 range of Bazin books to Don Lake to assess for purchase. David Mason visited and took a couple of boxes of old books which he will pay us for after he assesses them. He has given us a suggestion for who might be interested in purchasing some of the remaining "old" books and contacts will be made in January.

5. Serial projections. I have prepared the first of the ongoing tables for projecting serial costs to the end of the fiscal.