February 2001 Monthly Report


To: Dale Irwin

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report, February 2001

Date: March 2, 2001

1. Electronic resources database. With the launch of the CNSLP vendors, I was able to add hundreds of new titles to the database for the American Chemical Society, Institute of Physics, and Link (Springer). We now have over 8100 electronic journals in the database.

2. Gifts. We received a cheque from David Mason Books for $1835.00 for the books we sold to him last month, and $1850.00 US from John Zubal for the books we shipped to him from 013.

3. Swets Blackwell. We received a refund cheque of $27, 148.58 for our early prepayments for 2000 and 2001 to the former Swets (Netherlands) account. We have started to receive our Swets Blackwell (UK) invoices in US dollars. A new vendor was established for this currency.

4. Relabelling project. Congfang continued with the relabelling project for most of Febrary and 2048 books were relabelled.

5. Tour. I gave a department tour to Amanda Wakaruk from BG.

6. I participated in the Planning Change Workshop.