March 2001 Monthly Report


To: Dale Irwin

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report, March 2001

Date: April 2, 2001

1. Electronic resources. This month BioOne became active. All of the Royal Society of Chemistry titles were added. We purchased IEEE Xplore, a full package of journals and proceedings. I reviewed the websites for the following publishers with whom we receive free online journals with print, to identify newly added titles now available online: Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Wiley Interscience, World Scientific Scientific and Manchester University Press. New titles are regularly being added to vendors such as Catchword and Project Muse. I attended training for NetLibrary and a demo for CINAHL. We have cancelled our print subscriptions for the American Chemical Society, effective with the end of April. This marks the beginning of number of cancellations that will take place for print subscriptions as they are replaced by the online versions. We now have 8383 electronic journals in the database.

2. Budget. The departmental supply budget for next fiscal was prepared and submitted.

3. RoweCom. We have an outstanding credit with RoweCom from our early prepayment and will be receiving a cheque for $15,214.17 usd.

4. Relabelling project . Congfang continued with the relabelling project for part of March, and relabelled 616 books.