November 2000 Monthly Report


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Karen Cassel Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

RE: Monthly Report, November 2000

DATE: December 1, 2000

1. Staff. Jennifer Berelowitz resigned. We hired Teresa Pujdak in the permanent position.

2. Swets Blackwell New Jersey renewals. We processed the renewal invoice, which totalled $120,404.61 usd.

3. Fund Changes. We have discontinued the funds SLV and ASI, and reassigned them to FOR; similarly, LIT has been reassigned to ENG and ROM. Changes had to be made in Yorkline, Kardex, the fund lists, and vendors were notified.

4. Kinesiology. We ordered 36 new subscriptions for Scott and Steacie under the new fund KIN.

5. Electronic journals. I updated the holdings in the electronic journals database, for 950 Elsevier titles. I then proceeded with all other providers, and have completed creating holding statements for all except those that Doug Fenwick will do through a program. (ABI done; to do: Academic Press, CBCA Business, CPIQ, Expanded Academic, Link, JSTOR, MCB, Project Muse and Wiley). We learned of a monthly online newsletter that Elsevier puts out to announce new titles added. I added 76 new titles and have put a routine in place to do this monthly. I discovered that we had failed to receive just over 200 Elsevier titles from the U of T extract that Doug used to load into the database. I created an Excel table for Doug to use to load in these missing titles.

6. Gifts. Hugh Anson Cartright came and evaluated 2 collections that I had in 013 that required an outside evaluation. Most of the 2000 donations have been completed with thank you letters sent, and arrangements made for income tax receipts.

7. JSTOR. I created an Excel table of all of the JSTOR titles, with columns to indicate our locations for both print and microform, the cost of microform and the cost of binding.

8. CINAHL. I extracted a list from SilverPlatter of over 200 titles for which there is fulltext, with columns to indicate our locations for print, and the cost of our subscriptions.