October 2000 Monthly Report 45


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Karen Cassel Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

RE: Monthly Report, October 2000

DATE: October 30, 2000

1. Electronic journals database.Doug loaded the new version of the database on my computer, and I have added names and phone numbers of contact persons for all providers.The 1100 Elsevier titles were added, and I hope to shortly begin working on titles that require holdings to be adjusted.

2. Serial claims online. All staff in Serials have been trained to do online claims for SwetsBlackwell UK, using DataSwetsConnect. RoweCom will have a similar feature available in early 2001.

3. RoweCom renewals. We received our 2001 renewal invoices. We were billed $165,505.03 Canadian and $737,056.37 US (includes GST). Using 1.495 as the exchange rate, this totals $1,267,404.30 Canadian. We received a bonus for our early payments: $380 Canadian, and $3120 US. The invoices have been processed on Yorkline, and staff are working at processing them at Kardex. The Excel tables of subscriptions by fund are also in the process of being updated. Because of our early prepayment, we have an outstanding credit against our US invoices, which will be applied to the monthly invoices as they are generated. If all of the credit is not used up by fiscal yearend, we will ask for a cheque for the balance.

4. Gifts. Subject specialist librarians are working on the remaining gift collections that require assessment and the external assessor has been booked by Susanne, for mid November. I am anticipating that the student working in Monograph Acquisitions will be soon be ready to search for cataloguing copy for the gifts. There are 2 full ranges of books waiting to be catalogued and a third range has been started.