September 2000 Monthly Report 46


TO: Dale Irwin

FROM: Karen Cassel Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

RE: Monthly Report, September 2000

DATE: September 29, 2000

1. Staff. Jennifer Berelowitz's leave has been extended to the end of November.Teresa Pujdak has been extended for the same period.

2. Serial prepayments. We decided to take advantage of prepayment plans offered by Swets Blackwell and Rowecom. We prepaid $983,500 cdn to Swets Blackwell to achieve a savings of 1.25% on the renewal invoices due in November. We prepaid $780,000 usd and $95,000 cdn to Rowecom to achieve a savings of .4%.After we receive and process the full renewal invoices in November, we will need to do a one-line adjustment in Yorkline in order for expenditures in Yorkline and FHRS to match.

3. Visits. Graham Yates from Swets Blackwell visited.

4. Lists were received from Swets Blackwell Oxford and New Jersey, of our active subscriptions, to be reviewed for completeness and accuracy. Usually we do not review renewal lists, but because of the transition in the company and the resulting conversion of data, the lists were reviewed in detail and corrections forwarded to our account representatives.

5. Donations. Reminders have been sent to the subject specialists who have donations to be assessed and selected, with suggested time frames for getting this work completed so that thank you letters and income taxreceipts can be issued in a timely manner. I was able to arrange for some of our unwanted books to be picked up for Ethiopia.

6. Open orders. An open order report was run and claims or cancellations were done as needed.

7. Prepaid orders. A report was run to identify orders prepaid last fiscal, with expenditures duplicated in this fiscal. The payments were zeroed out manually. Hopefully with the next fiscal rollover, we can eliminate this problem from occurring.

8. Book plates vs library stamp. I am pursuing substituting the use of book plates with using a stamp instead.I have collected a number of sample plates and stamps used at other institutions, to give us a range of ideas.I met with Susan Eastwood and invited her to design a stamp for us. In the meantime, a half year supply of book plates has been ordered to carry us through to the changeover.

9. Fund changes. Two new funds were created, KIN and SPO, to replace MED and PED. All of the serials currently funded to MED were changed to KIN. Some of the serials funded to PED were changed to KIN and the remainder were changed to SPO.All of the vendors have been notified of the changes; Yorkline, Kardex and the fund lists have been updated.