February 2003 Monthly Report 103


To: Rob van der Bliek

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report: February 2003

Date: March. 3, 2003


1.Electronic resources. I added 45 fulltext titles to Psycarticles. MARC holdings records for online journals have been created in Yorkline for Springer.

2. Canadian periodical subscriptions. The month was almost exclusively taken up with continuing to renew our Canadian orders directly with publishers. Approx 60% of the titles have now been paid for 2003. Serials staff have worked hard to keep up to date with processing large numbers of invoices and renewal notices on Kardex and in Yorkline. I am grateful to Rosy Go for all of her efforts to help us keep up although she is only supposed to be here one day a week until April. I am also grateful to Nancy Hall for her ongoing support and assistance with acting as back up to Rosy with demand cheque requests on FHRS.

3. New computers. The six staff in Serials received new computers. The process of getting these installed went very smoothly.

4. Swets Blackwell. We received the first set of invoices from Swets Blackwell for our orders transferred from Divine. The batch totaled usd $405,733,89 before GST. This comes to $623,970.20 Cdn. We saved money on this transaction as the US exchange rate had just dropped to 1.5% a few days earlier. A checklist has been received for our transferred orders and our next task is to compare it to our records to make sure that all titles got transferred correctly. The invoices need to be posted to Kardex, and at the same time, staff will update the Kardex record to reflect the change in vendor.

5. Binding. Staff in Binding have been very busy relabelling items being transferred from Reference to their new locations. As well, to date, we have sent 1064 theses to be bound out of the estimated 1500 to be done.