January 2003 Monthly Report 58


To: Rob van der Bliek

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report: January 2003

Date: Feb. 3, 2003


1.Electronic resources. Our 3 year free subscription to Business Source Premier ended and was deactivated from the database. The JSTOR Arts and Sciences collection II was added to the database and Yorkline (69 titles). In addition, the added years for all JSTOR titles became available early in January and all holdings were updated (Yorkline, the database and the spreadsheets for John Thomson for the summer weeding project). The Harcourt health titles via Scholars Portal, were added to the database (57 titles). MARC holdings records for online journals have been created in Yorkline for the American Chemical Society, the Institute of Physics, the Royal Society of Chemistry, BioOne and Kluwer.

2. Divine. We continue to deal with the fallout from the closing of Divine. After learning that Swets Blackwell had pulled out from the purchase of Divine, I started to contact Canadian publishers to renew our subscriptions directly for 2003. We have approx 900 subscriptions to Canadian periodicals. Using the renewal notices we had in hand, faxes were sent out with instructions to charge our renewal fees to Visa. Using Google, Ulrichs, publisher websites, current issues, etc, I am emailing every publisher with instructions to fax invoices to us. As of this writing I am approx halfway through the list, but responses have been slow coming in.

There was confusing information received from the Accounting Dept., but in the end it was confirmed that while our US dollar cheque was stopped, our Canadian dollar cheque had been cashed, and we have lost approx $88,000. All of the Divine invoices were removed from Yorkline. A dummy invoice was created for the amount lost, under a new fund Divine.

3. Staff. Rosy Go is working in the Circulation Dept 4 days a week until April. She continues with us on Fridays doing FHRS and orders. A training session was held to train all of the Serials staff and Sandra Smith on creating vendors and invoices. The work of doing invoices on Yorkline has been distributed to the Kardex assistants. Before leaving, Rosy trained Sandra to process annuals on Yorkline: updating holdings and creating item records. We were able to hire a student to work up to 10 hours a week doing some of the rotating jobs (sorting incoming periodicals, retrieving periodicals from the Reading room for binding etc) in order to free up some time for staff taking on extra responsibility.