March 2003 Monthly Report 27


To: Rob van der Bliek

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report: March 2003

Date: March. 31, 2003


1.Electronic resources. The Blackwell Science online titles were added to the database. In conjunction with this, since we now subscribe to Premium print plus online for all Blackwell titles, we are now accessing them through Blackwells own website, called Synergy. This resulted in the need to change the URLs in the database and in the catalogue, from Ingenta or Catchword, to Synergy. This has been completed for most of the Blackwell titles. We continue to await access to about 15 titles. MARC holdings records for online journals have been created in Yorkline for Wiley, Nature, Blackwell, and Psycarticles.

2. Canadian periodical subscriptions. We continue with our efforts to renew 900 Canadian subscriptions directly with publishers. We have just under 100 titles still to be renewed, and while efforts are continuing, there are some that are just being set as problems or possible cancellations.

3. Swets Blackwell. I received a checklist from SB of our transferred Divine orders, and reviewed this against our files. A list of corrections and omissions was then sent back to them. Servicing of the transferred orders is now being handled out of the newly established Ottawa office. While SB has agreed to assist us with some of our outstanding claims from Divine, staff in Serials are now contacting publishers directly regarding any outstanding issues. We expect that there will be some gaps in our holdings as we will not be successful in getting all of these.