May 2002 Monthly Report 95


To: Dale Irwin

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report, May 2002

Date: May 31, 2002

1.Electronic resources. I added about a dozen new titles for Bioone. Catchword and Ingenta are starting to merge their sites, and sent out a notice of the first 10 publishers involved. In some cases, I changed the URL's from the Ingenta site to the Catchword site. There were also some new titles to be added resulting from this switchover. Catchword has changed the appearance of their website to look more like Ingenta, but have retained (and I hope will keep) their functionality. Our current count of e-journal titles is 11,274.

2. JSTOR/print/micro. In cooperation with John Thomson and his staff, print and microtext volumes for titles covered online by JSTOR have been pulled from the stacks in Scott, Frost and BG; Steacie will be done in June. All of the holdings in Yorkline have been updated to reflect which volumes are in storage and which are still in the libraries. The term JSTOR has been added to the call numbers for the items in Storage for ease of identification.

3. Gifts. We received a collection of books from Gerry Vise and had quite a few items dropped off, and we received a truck of books from the Lost and Found. I was able to have about 24 boxes of books picked up to be shipped overseas for developing countries.

4. Inactive serials. The project to weed cards of inactive but complete serials with no billing history for at least 7 years has gotten underway. In conjunction with this we have been able to dispose of all of the floor model Kardex units with the exception of one that remains for now.

5. Reference Weeding. The Reference project has impacted us in Binding and in Serials with items that are being discarded and items that are being transferred to the stacks. We are relabelling selectively only items that have coloured labels.

6. CPM Symposium. I attended the annual CPM event.