November 2002 Monthly Report 110


To: Dale Irwin

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report: November 2002

Date: Nov. 29, 2002


1.Electronic resources. This month I added 55 titles to ATLA and 5 titles to Bioone. We now have 11,699 online journals.

2. Renewal invoices. We have received and processed the 2003 renewal invoices from Divine ($796,493.73) and from SBNJ ($93759.20).

3. Blackwell Publishers. Blackwell, Blackwell Science and Munksgaard have merged and for 2003 are offering a choice of print and online packages. At ACF we agreed to go for the premium package of print and online which includes backfiles, for 2003 and then re-evaluate for 2004. To make it easier for us and our vendor, I amalgamated all of our print subscriptions for the titles involved, to SwetsBlackwell. This meant we had to cancel approximately 70 subscriptions with Divine, and move 6 titles from SBNJ to SB and move 3 that were directly with Blackwell to SB. The licence agreement has been completed and mailed to Blackwell. Up until now we have accessed the free online titles via Ingenta and Catchword. SB has advised me that under the new plan, we will be accessing the titles via Synergy, Blackwells own web site. The URLs will need to be changed in January.

4. Gifts. David Mason came and assessed 9 of the gift collections in 013 that exceeded $1000 value. There are 3 outstanding donations to be processed in December.

5. Dec budget review. I submitted the December budget review, including a request for funding to bind approx. 1500 theses at $14,100. I also submitted a request to upgrade the computers for the Serials staff as they do more online work with vendors etc.