September 2002 Monthly Report 86


To: Dale Irwin

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report: September 2002

Date: Oct. 1, 2002


1.Electronic resources. Berkeley Press, with its 12 titles, was added to the list of publishers available online via the OCUL consortia. The URLs for 134 Sage titles were changed from access via Ingenta to access via Catchword. I added 17 Oxford University Press journals that have just become available online. The 75 free Biomed titles were added as well: 18 Biology titles and 57 Medical titles. We cancelled Schwann online. Our current count of e-journals is 11,547.

2. Able binding. The responsibility for preparing Scott periodicals for binding on the Able system has come back to the Binding Section following the retirement of the Periodical Reading Room Attendant. Bill Lehmann came to make the needed changes on the workstations. We had hoped to make Able accessible at the Reference Desk for look-up only, but this facility is not available. However, we will be able to provide weekly updated lists of the titles at the bindery for both the Reference Desk and the Periodical Reading Room desk.

3.Zubal. I sold books from 013 to Zubal for $700 usd.

4. Gifts. Significant donations this month were received from the Stebelsky estate and from Eva Kayfetz.

5. Divine. Stuart Silcox visited primarily to advise us that our service charge would be increasing to 5.5% due to our cancellations of Elsevier titles this year, and the CNSLP titles last year. These are publishers that provide vendors with the most revenue, so the increase was not unexpected.