August 2003 Monthly Report


To: Tom Scott

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report: August 2003

Date: August 29, 2003


1.Electronic Resources. Major new additions to the database included 44 Haworth titles, and the Economist Intelligence Units 106 country reports and profiles (replacing our print subscription). Holdings were added to the catalogue for the journals received from Proquest nursing and from ACM. Print issues of the EIU titles from 1996 to date were discarded; the print holdings in the catalogue were updated and at the same time the online holdings were added. Last winter Taylor and Francis announced that their online journals were now accessible via MetaPress. At the time, we were told it would not be necessary to change our links from the IngentaSelect website. However, over the past few months I have been receiving complaints from users that current issues of some Taylor and Francis journals were not on the IngentaSelect website. Consequently, I have changed our URLs in the database and in the catalogue to the MetaPress website, for all of the titles from Taylor and Francis, and their subsidiaries: Taylor Frances 71, Routledge 39, Brunner 3, Psychology Press 12, Carfax 103 and Oxfam 1. The URLs for the 49 fulltext journals from PsycArticles also had to be changed, from the publishers website to Scholars Portal. This included 4 newly added titles.

2. Government Documents Move. The relabelling of the Scott-Gov-Ref items was completed by mid-August. In total 28,107 items were relabeled. The students worked really well as a team to accomplish this major project in such a timely fashion.

Over the summer, materials received for Scott-Gov have been held in the Dept until such time as Facilities staff receive training on shelving them. We have 3 trucks of issues waiting to be shelved and expect this to move forward the first week of Sept.

3. Donations. I completed going through the 2032 books donated by Hart Bowsfield. There are 445 books that have been set aside for review and assessment. We received a donation of 3279 books from Professor John McErlean; these have been searched, and 688 set aside for review and assessment. Both donations need to be reviewed by the History bibliographer, and then assessed externally.

4. Zubal. We packed up and shipped 142 boxes of books to John Zubal. We expect to receive payment for these in Sept after they have the opportunity to look at them.

5. Weeding. Steacie did some more weeding of ACM and IEEE publications that are now online. The holdings on Kardex and in the catalogue were updated accordingly.