July 2003 Monthly Report 84


To: Tom Scott

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report: July 2003

Date: August 6, 2003


1.Electronic Resources. We added the back files of Annual Reviews. This involved setting up several new titles because of the numerous title changes over the years, and adding or updating the MARC holdings records in the catalogue.

2. Government Documents Move. The relabelling of the Scott-Gov-Ref items continues to proceed very smoothly, and the students have labeled over 20,000 items to date.

There is a significant additional workload for all staff in this dept, both Serials and Binding, in taking on the responsibility of the Government Document serials processing and binding. We are finding that we are doing some cleanup as we proceed, particularly with binding preparation. Staff are working hard to ensure that good records are being kept on Kardex with binding instructions. We are working closely with Amanda Wakaruk as we learn new procedures and policies.

3. Business Move Planning. Spine labels were printed for the Scott books being moved to Bronfman. Sandra Smith assisted in the training of the staff doing the labeling in the stacks. The project to update the location in the MARC holdings records for periodicals located in Bronfman has been completed.

4.Upgraded computers. Staff in Binding had their computers upgraded.

5. Nursing fund. We changed the NUR fund from Scott to Steacie, which required updates with our vendors, as well as Kardex, Yorkline, and the Excel tables.

6. Donations. We received a significant donation from Hart Bowsfield, with a collection of over 1000 books mostly on Canadian history.