June 2003 Monthly Report 53


To: Tom Scott

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report: June 2003

Date: June 30, 2003


1.Electronic Resources. We switched our print subscription package for the Economist Intelligence Unit to online effective July 1st. This includes 103 titles. The Business Library will be discarding the print Country Reports and Country Profiles. I added 7 new titles to ACM and 3 journals and 1 monograph to BioOne.

2. Government Documents Move. While the physical move is complete, we continue to work on the fallout with relabelling, and updating locations on Kardex and in Yorkline. The relabelling of the Scott-Gov-Ref is going very smoothly, with over 7000 items already labeled in the first month of the project.

3. Business Move Planning. We moved 24 serial titles from Scott to Business, and 7 titles from Business to Scott, and the appropriate exchange of funds between ECO and BUS has been completed. Heather Fraser made changes in Yorkline to facilitate the flip of locations and part of this process requires a manual correction of the location in the serials holdings record, from BG to Bronfman. This project is underway and will be completed by mid July.

4. Able Periodical Binding. Sandra Smith and I met with Bill Lehmann to go over the needed changes needed to incorporate the new locations for SCOTT-DOC, SC-DOC-REF and Bronfman, and to enable the Scott Binding staff to have access to the Gov Doc binding records as the responsibility for binding preparation has returned to us.

5. ALA/CLA. I participated in the annual conference, and attended the following sessions:

-Whats the Big Deal, the Impact of Consortial Purchasing on the Acquisitions Process

-The Serials Pig in the Aggregators Poke, Part III

-Metadata Harvesting

-Suffering Innovation: Staffing Implications of Changing Technologies

In addition, I met with Arnald Desrochers from Proquest and with Eric Gelinas from Ovid.