May 2003 Monthly Report 54


To: Rob van der Bliek

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report: May 2003

Date: June 2, 2003


1.Electronic Resources. MARC holdings records for online journals have been created in Yorkline for the following publishers: American Meteorological Society, American Physical Society, American Physiological Society, Company of Biologists, and the Royal Astronomical Society. We purchased a new education database, AACE, American Association for Computing in Education, with 10 fulltext titles. The print serials for which we have subscriptions will be cancelled at the end of 2003.

2. Government Documents Move Planning. In anticipation of the move of the Government Documents to Scott, issues around new workflow and procedures for handling serials check in and binding were examined. The following decisions were made:

-the location of the spine label on Gov Docs will be the same as for all other materials (formerly the Gov Doc label was placed on the top corner rather than the bottom of the spine)

-we will continue the use of orange flyers to identify items with Gov Doc call numbers

-delivery of new materials located in SC-GOV-REF will be on a separate truck from materials located in SCOTT-REF.

-we will continue to take statistics for Gov Doc items as a separate group

-we initiated a new do not bind flyer, blue, for the bibliographer to identify monographs that should not be bound, even though they fall within the guidelines for binding

-serials staff will be responsible for picking up issues for binding, and updating Kardex records to indicate frequency of binding when it falls outside of the usual guidelines

-binding staff will be responsible for the Able binding preparation

There are over 2000 Gov Doc subscriptions, so the change in workload to our department will be significant. I will be meeting weekly with Amanda Wakaruk to discuss issues that arise in our day to day work. Procedures for the relabelling of the Gov Doc Reference materials have been established and the project will get underway with Anna Belle and Gerlie, on June 2nd.

3. Business Move Planning. The Excel files for BUS and ECO have been updated to reflect the final location of titles after the move, and vendors have been notified of fund corrections.

4. Open Serial Orders. We ran an open order report and claimed outstanding orders for back issues and new subscriptions.

5. Binding Schedules. The new binding schedules and quotas were established for the new fiscal.

6. Swets Blackwell. We sent our early prepayment of $800,000 usd to Swets Blackwell.

7. Steacie Periodicals Weeding. Steacie weeded 66 titles, 537 volumes, of dead runs, in preparation for their move. Kardex records and Yorkline records were updated accordingly.

8. CPM. I attended the annual CPM Symposium.

9. Tour/Training. I conducted a training session for Sophie Bury, Ilo Maimets, Toni Olshen and Amanda Wakaruk.