November 2003 Monthly Report


To: Tom Scott

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report: November 2003

Date: December 1, 2003


1.Electronic Resources.

Updates to existing resources:

added 14 new titles to JSTOR

added new titles to Berkeley Press, and changed all URLs to Scholars Portal

purchased Ulrichs Serials Analyis System

I met with John Fileccia to walk him through the ejournals database.

2. Government Documents Storage. The project at HNES-STOR is completed.

3. Staffing. We interviewed applicants for the 2 1-year positions of Kardex Assistant. The jobs were offered to Rubina Shahjahan and Alla Medow, who will both start on Dec. 1st.

4. Cancellations. We cancelled the Oxford University Press print titles because we will have online access in 2004. There were 97 subscriptions, 81 titles, and a savings of $42,761.08 cdn.

5. Donations. Hugh Anson-Cartright evaluated 5 gift collections: Ian Balfour, estate of Norman Endler, Sol Tanenzapf, Hartwell Bowsfield, and John McErlean.