September 2003 Monthly Report 48


To: Tom Scott

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report: September 2003

Date: October 1, 2003


1.Electronic Resources.

Added new sites:

SciELO Brazil (Scientific electronic journals online) 111 titles (free)

SciELO Chili, 39 titles (free)

Directory of Open Access Journals, 502 titles (free)

Erudit, French Canadian journals, 23 titles (free)

Updates to existing resources:

added 203 new titles to ABI

added 373 new titles to Expanded Academic

changed URLS for all 27 Ovid/Silver Platter databases, to Web 5

added 150 new Safari ebooks

2. Government Documents Storage. The students began the project to update records in Yorkline to reflect the government documents that are in storage in HNES-STOR (old BG basement). In addition, we will be moving 266 shelves of items currently stored in 013, to HNES-STOR and incorporating them into the collection already at HNES.

3. Bronfman Storage. In preparation for the move of business periodicals to be in storage at Bronfman, records in Yorkline were updated to reflect the changes to the holdings. This involved changing 356 titles with all holdings in storage, and 481 titles with holdings split between storage and regular stacks requiring that we change existing holdings statement and add a second holdings statement for the additional location.

4. Site Visit. Mary McConnell visited us from University of Calgary.