June 2004 Monthly Report 43


To: Catherine Davidson 

Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions


Monthly report:  June 2004

June 30, 2004



added 17 new titles

of Chicago Press: added 5 new titles

Muse: added 7 new titles

University Press: added 3 new titles

added 9 new titles and cancelled the print equivalents (these were titles
new to Blackwell for 2004)

of California Press: the titles are no longer available from Ingenta,
and have been moved to the publisher¿s own site, Caliber; 20 titles
needed to have their URL¿s changed in the database and in the catalogue

the new website is now operational at NewSourceOECD, with individual
URL¿s for the journals and monographs; the URL¿s for 26 titles were
changed in the database and in the catalogue, and 29 new serial titles
were added.

Collection:  Micromedia has offered this product free to customers
who subscribe to CBCA Education; the collection includes: Canadian Almanac
and Directory, Canadian Environmental Directory, Associations Canada,
Financial Services in Canada, Directory of Libraries in Canada and Governments

2.Theses projects.   
We have completed all of the theses projects.  Over the last 2
years we have bound several years worth of older theses, and assigned
accession numbers and labelled older theses from the 1
floor storage.  In total, we handled 3434 items.

3. Divine bankruptcy.   
We received a cheque for $16,320.49.  This is approx 20% of what
we lost on our Canadian renewals in Dec. 2002 when Divine shut down

4. Steacie weeding.   
We updated records for 181 serial volumes weeded from Steacie.

5. Frost Government
Documents.    I met with Anne McGaughey to review all
of the Quebec Government document serials received for Frost. 
Some were cancelled and discarded and others were put on standing order. 
The Quebec documents are challenging to obtain as only some can be obtained
from Publications du Quebec, some can be on standing order with Renaud
Bray, and for others we rely on the pdf files.