May 2004 Monthly Report


To: Tom Scott

From: Karen Cassel, Manager, Serials and Electronic Acquisitions

Re: Monthly report: May 2004

Date: May 31, 2004


1.Electronic Resources.

-JSTOR: added 10 new titles

-CBCA complete we moved the CBCA (Reference, Business, Current Events) products from the networked CDROMs to the online product via Proquest; this required changing the URLs for 173 journals; we also added 321 new fulltext journals; the link for the Education database was temporarily switched to the Micromedia website until sometime in June when the loading of back files should be complete on Proquest

-Wiley 45 new titles were added

-Academic Press 2 new titles were added

-Ingenta and IngentaSelect (formerly Catchword) have merged to a new site called IngentaConnect; there will be no requirement (so far) to change the URLs

2.Q,R,S,T, move from Scott to Steacie. The summer students completed the relabelling of 3739 serial volumes moving to Steacie. This included 53 nursing journals, and 93 journals in Q,S and T.

3.Bronfman relabelling. The summer students also completed the relabelling of 1066 books moving to Bronfman, Phase 2.

4. Steacie microforms move to Scott. Yorkline was updated to reflect the move of 34 titles of microtext serials from Steacie to Scott Microtext.

5. Scott-Gov Relabelling. The summer project to relabel Scott-Gov materials with illegible or missing labels got underway the first week of May, and quickly became an overwhelming project as it became evident that problem solving was going to become a major part of the project. A very high percent of the materials needing new labels needed additional attention as we found problems including: no record in Yorkline, copy in hand did not match item in the catalogue, catalogue shows location in HNES, serial record with no holdings, etc. After discussion with Amanda Wakaruk and John, we changed over the project to systematically relabelling the whole collection. This will make it a multi-year project, and all problem solving will get done over a much more manageable timeframe. I also anticipate that some of the relabelling can continue to take place during the year with fulltime staff.

6. Transfer from 013 to HNES. 40 serial titles in storage in 013 were moved to HNES, and the related records in Yorkline were updated to reflect the new location.

7. JSTOR/Storage. Excel files are maintained for the purpose of identifying serial titles and volumes to be put into storage because we have them online via JSTOR. This project of putting the print volumes into storage first started 2 years ago but was not done last summer. We therefore have 2 years of additional volumes to put into storage, for the titles already held with JSTOR prior to 2002, and we have approx 200 new titles added in the last two years, with long runs of print volumes to go to storage. The records in Yorkline have been updated to reflect the changes in the print holdings and the storage location and holdings.

8. I attended the annual CPM Symposium.