Clearing out the C:Temp File

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Clearing out the C:Temp File

From time to time is a good idea to clear out the temp file on your hard
drive to save space. Here are the steps to follow:

Using Windows Explorer, click on the +
sign beside the folder called "My Computer" to expand it and
then click on the + sign beside Local Disk (C:)
to expand it. Look down in the list to find the C:Temp folder and
double click on the folder name to expand the folder and see the contents.

The contents will be displayed in the frame on the righthand side of the
. Depending upon how your settings are configured you may see just the
file names or files names plus additional information such as file size and file
type. Select ALL of the contents of the C:Temp folder by clicking on
the first file to highlight it and then pressing CTRL and
. This will highlight all of the files in the folder.

Then press the delete key to delete all of the contents of the

To delete selected files, hold down the CTRL key and click one by
one on the names the files that you wish to delete