Notes March 13, 2002


Cataloguing Committee Notes of March 13, 2002

Present: D. Adams, H. Fraser, N. Hall, L. Gamble, D. Irwin, C. Ohlers,

T. Quigley-Jones

Regrets: None

1. Notes from the last meeting ALL

The notes from the previous meeting were accepted.

2. Business arising not on the agenda ALL

There was no business arising not on the agenda.

3. Tag 773 HAF

As per a request from D. Irwin, H. Fraser reported that MARC tag 773 is

defined as Host Item Entry

Field Definition and Scope

This field contains information concerning the host item for the constituent unit described in the record (vertical relationship). This field is provided in order to enable the user to locate the physical piece that contains the component part or subunit being described. Thus, only those data elements required to assist in the identification of the host item need to be included in the field, such as links to the bibliographic record describing the item and/or descriptive data that identify the host item. In the case of host items that are serial or multipart in nature information in |g that points to the exact location of the component part within the bibliographic item is necessary

When it is used in MARC records from vendors to identify the vendor, such as ProQuest, it may prove useful as a means of extracting those records from our database should that prove necessary.

4. CIHM records HAF

H. Fraser reported that we are up to date with the loading of CIHM records. The file from 2001 containing 8000 records was broken down into batches of 1000 records per file. The MARC records for the recent shipment of supplement fiche to both the CIHM annuals and post 1900 monographs were also loaded.


H. Fraser and D. Fenwick will be investigating a method of matching the MARC records from the CIHM ECO (Early Canadiana Online) collection against the CIHM MARC records we have already loaded. The ECO records each contain a URL which links to the digital version of the item. We then hope to extract the URL from the ECO record and add it to the record for the microfiche we already have.

5. Validator update HAF

H. Fraser reported that Validator has now been successfully networked. T. Quigley-Jones reported that the same problem (with tags in records getting corrupted) has resurfaced at Law. H. Fraser is pursuing this with Validator. We had a brief discussion about whether or not there might be another source of authority records. We still hope that access to the LC Names and Subjects authority files might be available in the future as part of the SIRSI acquisition of DRA.

6. Counting statistics update HAF/ALL

H. Fraser distributed the Cataloguing Memo that was created as a result of our discussion to standardize the way volumes and titles are counted for statistical purposes.

7. Other business ALL

H. Fraser reported that C. Ohlers heard back from LC re the pricing of the Classification Web product. There is still no pricing announcement, as LC has not yet signed a contract with the software developer. They hope to have pricing in April and product availability in May or June.

The April meeting has been cancelled