Abbreviations for Names of Certain Countries, States,

Abbreviations for Names of Certain Countries, States, Provinces, Territories, etc.

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Rule Application

B14.A. Use the following abbreviations of the names of certain countries and of states, provinces, territories, etc. of Australia, Canada and the United States when used:

1) as additions to certain other place names (see 23.4)

2) as additions to names of certain corporate bodies (see 24.4C and 24.9)

3) as additions to the name of the place of publication or distribution in the publication, distribution, etc., area (see 1.4C3)

4) in notes

Do not abbreviate the name of a city or town even if it has the same name as a state, etc., listed below (e.g.Washington, D.C. not Wash. D.C.). Do not abbreviate any place name that is not on the list.


A / B / C / D / F / G / I / K / L / M / N / O / P / Q / R / S / T / U / V / W / Y

Alabama Ala.
Alberta Alta.
Arizona Ariz.
Arkansas Ark.
Australian Capital Territory A.C.T.
British Columbia B.C.
California Calif.
Colorado Colo.
Connecticut Conn.
Delaware Del.
District of Columbia D.C.
Distrito Federal D.F.
Florida Fla.
Georgia Ga.
Illinois Ill.
Indiana Ind.
Kansas Kan.
Kentucky Ky.
Louisiana La.
Maine Me.
Manitoba Man.
Maryland Md.
Massachusetts Mass.
Michigan Mich.
Minnesota Minn.
Mississippi Miss.
Missouri Mo.
Montana Mont.
Nebraska Neb.
Nevada Nev.
New Brunswick N.B.
New Hampshire N.H.
New Jersey N.J.
New Mexico N.M.
New South Wales N.S.W.
New York N.Y.
New Zealand N.Z.
Newfoundland Nfld.
North Carolina N.C.
North Dakota N.D.
Northern Territory N.T.
Northwest Territories N.W.T.
Nova Scotia N.S.
Oklahoma Okla.
Ontario Ont.
Oregon Or.
Pennsylvania Pa.
Prince Edward Island P.E.I.
Puerto Rico P.R.
Queensland Qld.
Rhode Island R.I.
Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic R.S.F.S.R.
Saskatchewan Sask.
South Australia S. Aust.
South Carolina S.C.
South Dakota S.D.
Tasmania Tas.
Tennessee Tenn.
Territory of Hawaii T.H.
Texas Tex.
Union of Soviet Socialist Republics U.S.S.R.
United Kingdom U.K.
United States U.S.
Vermont VT.
Victoria Vic.
Virgin Islands V.I.
Virginia Va.
Washington Wash.
West Virginia W. Va.
Western Australia W.A.
Wisconsin Wis.
Wyoming Wyo.
Yukon Territory Yukon

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