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Foreign Language Equivalents for Bibliographic Information : FRENCH

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Cardinal Numbers

un, une                         1

deux                            2

trois                           3

quatre                          4

cinq                            5

six                             6

sept                            7

huit                            8

neuf                            9

dix                             10

vingt                           20

trente                          30

quarante                        40

cinquante                       50

soixante                        60

soixante-dix                    70

quatre-vingts                   80

quatre-vingt-dix                90

cent                            100

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Ordinal Numbers

premier                         first

deuxieme, second                second

troisieme                       third

quatrieme                       fourth

cinquieme                       fifth

sixieme                         sixth

septieme                        seventh

huitieme                        eighth

neuvieme                        ninth

dixieme                         tenth

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Glossary of BibliographicTerms

Alphabetical Index

A / B-D / E / F-I / L-N / O-P / Q-R / S-Y

a condition                     on approval

a l'essai                       on approval

a paraŒtre                      forthcoming

a suivre                        to be continued

a titre gracieux                complimentary

abonnement                      subscription

acheve d'imprimer               printing completed

ancien (fascicule, etc.)        back (number)

annexe                          supplement

annuaire                        yearbook

annee                           year

annee ecoulee                   back number

avant-propos                    preface

avertissement                   (prefatory) note

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B – D
bibliothecaire                  librarian

bibliotheque                    library

brochure                        pamphlet

broche                          paper covered

cahier                          issue, number, part

choisi                          selected

commande                        order

conference                      lecture, conference

discours                        speech

disponible                      available

deja paru                       already published

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echantillon                     sample, specimen

editeur                         publisher

edition                         edition, publication

en vente                        on sale

envoyer                         send

epuise                          out of print

etranger                        foreign, abroad

ete                             summer

exemplaire                      copy

expedier                        dispatch

extrait                         extract(ed)

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F – I
facture                         bill

gratuit                         free

hebdomadaire                    weekly

hiver                           winter

homage de                       with the complements

imprimeur                       printer

inedit                          unpublished

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L -N
libraire                        bookseller

librairie                       bookshop

livraison                       issue

livre                           book

maison d'edition                publishing house

mensueil                        monthly

mis en ordre                    arranged

mis a jour                      brought up to date

mort, mourut                    dead, died

meme                            same

naquit, ne                      (was) born

nouveau, -velle                 new

nouvelle                        long short story

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O – P
oeuvres                         works

opuscule                        pamphlet

ouvrage                         work

paraitre                        to come out

piece                           play

planche                         plate

printemps                       spring

procee-verbaux                  minutes of proceedings

propriete litteraire            copyright

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Q – R
quinzaine, quinze jours         fortnight

recherche                       research

recueil                         collection

reliure                         binding

remise                          discount, reduction

reprendre                       resume

revu(e)                         revised

revue                           review

roman                           novel

redacteur                       editor

redaction                       editing, ed. office

redige                          edited, compiled

reimpression                    reprint

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S – Y
semaine                         week

simple                          single

sous presse                     being printed

suite                           continuation

semestriel                      half-yearly

table                           index, table

tableau                         table

tirage a part                   offprint

traduction                      translation

travaux                         transactions

trimestriel                     quarterly

y compris                       including

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