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Foreign Language Equivalents for Bibliographic Information : LATIN

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Cardinal Numbers

unus                            1

duo                             2

tres                            3

quattuor                        4

quinque                         5

sex                             6

septem                          7

octo                            8

novem                           9

decem                           10

undecim                         11

duodecim                        12

tredecim                        13

quattuordecim                   14

quindecim                       15

sedecim                         16

septemdecim                     17

duodeviginti                    18

undeviginti                     19

viginti                         20

triginta                        30

quaquaginta                     40

juinquaginta                    50

sexaginta                       60

septuaginta                     70

octoginta                       80

nonaginta                       90

centum                          100

Ordinal Numbers

primus                          first

secundus, alter                 second

tertius                         third

quartus                         fourth

quintus                         fifth

sextus                          sixth

septimus                        seventh

octavus                         eighth

nonus                           ninth

decimus                         tenth

Glossary of Bibliographic Terms

Alphabetical Index

A-B / C-D / E-F / I-L / M-N / O-P / R-S / T-V

A – B
accessit                        has been added

acta                            proceedings, trans.

adiuvare                        assist

anecdota                        unpublished materials

annales                         annals, yearbook

annus                           year

auctus, -tior                   enlarged

auspice                         see

bibliopola                      bookseller

bibliotheca                     library

bibliothecarius                 librarian

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C – D
collectanea                     collection

complectior                     enlarged

concinnare                      compile, arrange

consilio                        by counsel

consilium                       board

cura                            edited by, by order of

decessio                        reduction

depositarii                     distributors

digerere                        edit

directio                        editorial office

director                        editor

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E – F
edenda curare                   edit

edere                           publish, edit

editio                          edition, publication

eiusdem auctoris                by the same author

elenchus                        critique, crit. app.

emendatus, -tior                corrected

emittere                        publish

excudere                        print

exemplar                        copy

explicare                       explain

fasciculus                      issue, part

figura                          illustration

foris                           abroad

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I – L
illustrare                      make clear, edit

imago                           portrait, illustration

impensis                        at the expense

imprimere                       print

in lucem dare                   publish

indagatio                       investigation,research

inscriptio                      address

libellus                        pamphlet

liber                           book

libraria                        bookshop

librarius                       bookseller

litterae                        letter

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M – N
menstruus                       monthly

mittere                         send

moderator                       editor

mortuus                         dead, died

mutuo dare                      exchange

mutuum dare                     lend

natus                           born

novus                           new

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O – P
officina                        workshop

opera, opere                    work

opus                            work

oratio                          speech

petitio                         order

praeteritus                     back

pretium                         price

prodere                         publish

prodire                         come out

prooemium                       preface, introduction

prostare                        be on sale

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R – S
ratio                           account

recensere                       edit

recognoscere                    edit

redactio                        editorial office

redactor                        editor

reddere                         translate

redigere                        edit

relatio                         report, account

scriptor                        writer

semestralis                     half-yearly

series                          sub-series

settimana(le)                   week(ly)

socius                          member, fellow

sub prelo                       in the press

subnotatio                      subscription

sumptibus                       at the expense

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T – V
tabellarii                      postal service

trimestris                      quarterly

typographia, -eum               press

unicus                          single

venalis                         on sale

venire                          be sold

vertentis anni                  current

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