New Subjects April 1-7, 2002

New Subject Heading List

For records catalogued from April 01, 2002 to April 07, 2002

Record Key    Heading
a1577787      650  0|aAfrican American families
a1558447      650  0|aAfrican American universities and colleges
a1562939      650  0|aAfrican Americans in literature.
a1556280      650  0|aAfro-American anthropologists.
a1559063      651  0|aAguarico River Valley (Ecuador)
a1549287      651  0|aAir Region (Niger)
a1579622      650  0|aApplication program interfaces (Computer software)
a1556324      650  0|aArt in interior decoration
a1527270      651  0|aAtlantic City Metropolitan Area (N.J.)
a1527270      651  0|aAtlantic City (N.J.)
a1578471      650  0|aAttractors (Mathematics)
a1514705      650  0|aBarrel organ music.
a1527264      651  0|aBaton Rouge Metropolitan Area (La.)
a1559076      650  0|aBeguines
a1578585      650  0|aBody, Human, in motion pictures.
a1549404      650  0|aBrazilians
a1554030      650  0|aCabala in literature
a1512505      650  0|aCetacea populations
a1578971      650  0|aChance compositions.
a1562939      651  0|aCharleston (S.C.)
a1512505      650  0|aChinese white dolphin
a1564200      650  0|aChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices) with continuo.
a1539573      650  0|aChoruses, Secular (Mixed voices) with instrument
a1527263      651  0|aCleveland Metropolitan Area (Ohio)
a1549327      650  0|aCommunisim
a1578498      650  0|aContact manifolds.
a1497688      651  0|aCortes Island (B.C.)
a1527248      651  0|aDerry (Dauphin County, Pa. : Township)
a1578490      650  0|aDietetics.
a1549350      650  0|aDou Donggo (Indonesian people)
a1556311      650  0|aEcology in literature.
a1558106      650  0|aEntertainment facilities in shopping centers
a1556311      650  0|aEnvironmental literature
a1556311      650  0|aEnvironmental protection in literature.
a1565061      650  0|aFarmers' spouses
a1578559      650  0|aFeminist fiction, American
a1578559      650  0|aFeminist fiction, English
a1578684      650  0|aFocused expressive psychotherapy.
a1556200      650  0|aGeography in literature.
a1527266      651  0|aGreat Falls (Mont.)
a1527260      651  0|aGreen Valley (Ariz.)
a1562939      650  0|aGullahs
a1527248      651  0|aHarrisburg Metropolitan Area (Pa.)
a1558304      650  0|aHealing circles
a1527266      651  0|aHelena (Mont.)
a1578463      650  0|aHepatitis viruses
a1560386      650  0|aImage analysis
a1557323      650  0|aImmigrant children
a1556124      650  0|aIndians in art. 
                   150  0|aIndians|xPictorial works
a1578483      650  0|aInternet auctions.
a1559063      651  0|aJari River Valley (Amapýa and Parýa, Brazil)
a1554105      650  0|aJazz in literature.
a1551403      651  0|aLa Niýna Current
a1549377      650  0|aLandscape in literature.
a1554030      650  0|aLanguage and languages in literature.
a1554092      650  0|aLeft-wing extremists
a1556152      650  0|aLetter writing, English
a1527258      651  0|aLong Island (N.Y.)
a1527258      651  0|aManhattan (New York, N.Y.)
a1556200      650  0|aMaps in literature.
a1559153      650  0|aMasculinity in literature.
a1562918      650  0|aMass media and culture.
a1554067      650  0|aMass media and culture
a1551433      650  0|aMining camps
a1512949      650  0|aMobile agents (Computer software)
a1549390      650  0|aMonacan Indians
a1556298      650  0|aMotion picture cameras
a1565508      650  0|aMotion pictures and music.
a1555730      651  0|aNational Capital Region (Ont. and Quebec)
a1578749      650  0|aNational socialism and women
a1561260      650  0|aNative women
a1527258      651  0|aNew York Metropolitan Area
a1556343      651  0|aNew York (N.Y.)
a1558680      650  0|aNutrient pollution of water
a1556243      650  0|aOptimality theory (Linguistics)
a1480475      650  0|aOsteopenia
a1527248      651  0|aPalmdale (Pa.)
a1549350      650  0|aPhilosophy, Indonesian
a1559327      650  0|aPhilosophy, Yoruba.
a1539573      650  0|aPiano (1 hand) with wind ensemble.
a1549366      650  0|aPolarity, Theory of.
a1559175      650  0|aPolice subculture
a1556137      650  0|aPortland Art Museum (Or.)
a1556273      650  0|aPortrait painting, Chinese
a1564667      650  0|aPoststructuralism.
a1546664      651  0|aPowell River Region (B.C.)
a1554047      650  0|aProhibitionists
a1540504      650  0|aPsychological fiction, English
a1577787      650  0|aRacism in social services
a1480518      650  0|aRibose.
a1556344      650  0|aRight and left (Political science) in literature.
a1556241      650  0|aRites and ceremonies in literature.
a1556343      650  0|aRole models
a1512504      650  0|aSan Joaquin kit fox
a1579670      650  0|aSelf-stabilization (Computer science)
a1551454      650  0|aShugen (Sect)
a1527245      651  0|aSioux Falls (S.D.)
a1577787      650  0|aSocial work with African American children.
a1579519      650  0|aSoul (Buddhism)
a1475854      650  0|aStick fighting.
a1576518      650  0|aString orchestra music
a1554159      650  0|aSubconsciousness in literature.
a1539573      650  0|aSuites (Bassoon, clarinets (2), flute, horn, oboe)
a1549350      651  0|aSumbawa (Indonesia)
a1578829      650  0|aTransmission electron microscopy.
a1579516      650  0|aTriage (Medicine)
a1578990      650  0|aTrios (Piano, celesta, vibraphone)
a1556241      650  0|aTriumph in literature.
a1527260      651  0|aTucson Metropolitan Area (Ariz.)
a1579687      650  0|aUML (Computer science)
a1578749      651  0|aVichy (France)
a1578996      650  0|aVocal duets, Unaccompanied.
a1551433      651  0|aWest (U.S.)
a1577139      650  0|aWomen's periodicals, British.
a1578971      650  0|aWoodwind quintets (Bassoon, clarinet, English horn,
                    flute, oboe)
a1518689      650  0|aXML (Document markup language)